Become a student-entrepreneur
With the support of

Created in 2011 by WSL, Startech is the incubator for engineering students in the French Community.

Startech is part of the curriculum of engineering schools and gives rise to credits. The projects can then be pursued within local student incubators.


Putting engineering students in the shoes of an entrepreneur and giving them the opportunity to create their own technological company, for the most motivated.

(Outside the curriculum and with the support of dedicated regional structures, including WSL)

Actualités récentes
A practical programme…
but based on modern theoretical concepts!
The coaches are all engineers with proven experience in creating and launching technology start-ups.
Rollout of the programme
11 weekly sessions
1 session focused on creativity
10 weekly coaching sessions
1 local final - internal to the school - external jury
1 regional final - winners from each school
An excellent entrepreneur will turn an average idea into a good business,
while a bad entrepreneur will scupper a potentially great idea.
Michel de Guilhermier – Investor & entrepreneur

9 schools in the Walloon Region (out of 11 to 12 schools)

369 students in 2021


Master 1 students
31 participants
6 teams

Polytech Mons

BAC 2 students
10 participants
4 teams
On a voluntary basis

Haute École Condorcet

Charleroi and Tournai
Master 2 students
10 + 22 students
6 teams

Haute École Robert Schumann

BAC 1 & 2 students
6 participants
3 teams

École polytechnique de Louvain

BAC 3 students
34 students
9 teams
On a voluntary basis

ULG - Sciences appliquées

Every year
23 students
7 teams
On a voluntary basis

Haute École de la Province de Liège

Master 2 students
71 students
12 teams

Haute École Libre Mosane

Master 2 students
81 students
14 teams

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