An exclusive programme

Green Booster is an exclusive programme aiming to promote the industrial development of green innovations in Wallonia and Brussels. It has been designed to help you, researchers and young entrepreneurs, develop your solution industrially and commercially.


Academic researchers with no or little entrepreneurial expertise (typically researchers who have received first spinoff or proof-of-concept funding).

Leaders of a planned technological startup in green chemistry, sustainable materials, renewable energy…


We’ve found that these technological projects lead to no or very little economic development, despite creating spinoffs or even selling licences.

Due to a lack of entrepreneurial knowhow, researchers/project leaders overlook the market and competition aspects, regulatory issues, budget constraints…

More and more researchers are seeing their FSO extension application be rejected after overlooking the second deliverable, "economic development".


Through a twelve-day programme that will enable the researcher/project leader to work on their own project and ultimately lead to an initial business plan, sales pitch and investment pitch.